Feb 26, 2013

WATERBOY - the quality cost effective solar pump system!!!
WATERBOY solar pump systems offer state of the art solar pump technology at a very competitive price.  Highly reliable and durable, WATERBOY solar pumps and controllers are backed by a 2 year warranty and are designed to withstand our harsh Australian water.
The WATERBOY product concept is to deliver the most reliable and durable solar powered water pump system at a reasonable and very competitive price.
WATERBOY solar pumps are extremely reliable and have developed a strong following in agricultural applications and in developing nations where reliability, simple maintenance and long life are critical. 
With both helical rotor and centrifugal solar pump models, the WATERBOY range can be used to pump water from any water source such as 3” or larger bores, dams, rivers, tanks, soaks, irrigation channels and more
Not only is its quality good but this range is far more efficient than traditional solar pumps it also covers a wider range of applications. From the 3” pumping system that can pump up to 80m and produce flows of up to 2.2m3 per hour through to the larger 4” helical rotor & centrifugal high flow range.

We are excited about the opportunity to finally be able to offer an affordable pumping solution to Australian farmers! With over 500 pump systems operating in Australia, South Africa & Indonesia we are 100% confident that the WATERBOY will perform for you.