Oct 12, 2017



According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one third of Australia's population live in remote or rural

areas of the the country. As of this, there is a significant dependability on reliable power sources and more

so the need for sustainable energy solutions further into the future.

The benefits of Solar Energy include;

  • Accessibility - powering farm equipment in remote locations
  • Reliability
  • Agriculture output boost
  • Rural electrification

Over the past decade, the affordability of Solar Energy solutions have increased dramatically. Our

Waterboy pumping solutions enables our users to boost their potential agricultural output, whether it's

through watering the garden or pumping water out of their dam - helping you on your Waterboy way. 

Looking into the future, the team at Waterboy believe renewable energy is very important to ensure the

sustainability of our planet.

The Waterboy + BW Solar Team