Nov 20, 2014

Cheap and efficient supply of water on farming properties or in isolated communities, and whether for livestock or domestic consumption, is always a high priority.
If you are looking for reliable delivery from a bore or farm dam, WATERBOY solar pumping systems can provide the right equipment to service your needs.
Reliability is the key to submersible pumps, and WATERBOY guarantees its products backed by knowledgeable service staff, trained professional sales representatives, a managing director with a farming background and a two-year warranty.
BW Solar, the distributor of the WATERBOY range was founded in 1990 after recognizing the need to develop more efficient ways of pumping water in rural and remote areas.
WATERBOY offer a wide range of surface and submersible solar water pumping systems including products for agricultural, domestic, mining and industrial sectors.
WATERBOY excel in the areas of performance, efficiency and durability, whilst remaining competitive in price.
Windmills have been a feature of the bush landscape for many years, and many of them are not pumping as efficiently as they once did.
Submersible DC pumps powered by solar generated electricity are a reliable alternative.
WATERBOY systems can pump to a maximum of 80 meters depth and lifting 30 litres per minute.
A heavy-duty frame supports the solar panels and the structure is Cyclone-rated and suitable for all remote areas, where distance precludes regular servicing.
And the pumps obviously operate continuously through clear sunlight, but will also pump in relatively cloudy conditions.
Provision can made for a generator to be plugged in, during periods of lengthy cloudy days.
WATERBOY Submersible Pumps are also available on floating pontoons for water stored in farm dams.
WATERBOY Systems are designed and installed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and variable water quality.
A recent 880 watt WATERBOY solar pump installed on a remote station pumped more than half a million litres during the first ten days of its operation.
Larger pumps are currently being developed by BW Solar.
WATERBOY solar pumps provide you with the complete service package, pre-wired, tested and ready to install with only down hole pipework and concrete required to complete a professional installation.
From the design of a customized pumping system to suit indivudual requirements to the emphasis placed on after sales service, WATERBOY assures the installation of a quality product which is backed by 20 years of experience in the field and is designed to stand the test of time.